Job Description

Job Title:

Housekeeping Inspector

Place of Work:

The Sebastian - Vail

Scope and General Purpose:

To share in overseeing the cleaning and servicing of hotel rooms, club condominiums, restaurants, banquet, spa, public areas and laundry while exceeding the high level of standards established by VPHC.

Responsible to:

Executive Housekeeper

Responsible for:

Hotel, Club & PM Maids

Hotel, Club & PM Housemen

Liaises with:

Other departments as established by the Executive Housekeeper

Limits of Authority:

As established by Executive Housekeeper

Main Duties:

· To assist with maintaining or exceeding the high standards of the hotel within all areas of Housekeeping.

· To ensure that all hotel rooms, club condominiums, public rooms and spa are serviced and cleaned daily to established standards.

· To ensure that function rooms are cleaned to established or exceeded standards as soon as they have been used for a fast turnaround.

· To ensure that VIP rooms receive the appropriate amenities per hotel policy.

· To check regularly for repairs and refurbishing, and that appropriate maintenance is effected.

· To report to Executive Housekeeper and notify areas needing attention, in respect of decor.

· Assist with maintaining issuance and cleaning of all hotel staff uniforms Report any loss or damage to uniforms.

· To assist with staff coaching, training and development so they may perform their duties effectively to the standards of VPHC.

· To ensure that attendance registers are completed daily and in accordance with statutory regulations.

· To ensure that biweekly payroll is timely and accurate. Oversee staff scheduling.

· To conduct timely annual staff performance appraisals with increase recommendations.

· Assist with the documentation of any hourly overtime pay.

· Conduct inventory of cleaning materials and linens to ensure an adequate supply at peak occupancy. Ensure linen is within the standard level of repair.

· Inspect staff accommodation to ensure cleanliness and proper state of repair.

· Conduct fire and evacuation drills.

· To assist with the selection of housekeeping staff members and maintain effective communications within the housekeeping department.

· Documentation and timely reporting of all work related incidents, injuries or absences.

· Assist with meeting the established budgeted goals.

· Document and conduct employee counselling sessions.

· Ability to stand or walk up to 8 hours per shift.

· Ability to bend, stretch, stoop and squat as needed.

· Ability to lift up to 20 pounds.

· To ensure compliance of OSHA and safety regulations.

Essential Job Functions:

· To speak fluent English and some Spanish

· To be willing to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

· Ability to stand or walk up to 8 hours per shift.

· Ability to bend, stretch, stoop and squat as needed.

· Ability to lift up to 30 pounds.

· Ability to push up to 50 pounds.