Careers with Timbers Company.

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Careers with Timbers Company

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We are
  • team captains.
  • party planners.
  • daydreamers.
  • mountain climbers.
  • leaders.
  • family.

At the heart of Timbers Company, you'll find inspired, driven people who come to work energized and ready to carry that spirit throughout the day. We love our jobs and truly appreciate the opportunity to work with people who encourage, challenge, and support us to be our best.

We value diversity and creativity, we reward hard work, and we believe there is intrinsic value in doing more than what is asked of us. There are many paths to choose from as you begin your adventure with Timbers Company. Explore our careers and seize the opportunity to work with a true leader in world-class resort and real estate development and hospitality.

What We Do

We create and operate world-class resorts and private residences for both discerning guests and Owners who expect the best—and every day we work to exceed those expectations. By anticipating needs and greeting all opportunities with genuine smiles, we have set a new standard in luxury real estate and hospitality. Nothing is more important to us than creating intimate settings for our Owners and guests to make memories with the ones they love. We are daymakers, here to serve our guests and teammates alike. We have grown from humble roots, but we continue to operate with autonomy and agility, delivering “The Timbers Touch” since 1999.

We Believe...

  • vacations bring us all closer together
  • the big dogs aren't all on Wall Street
  • we've found the best places on Earth
  • we are known by the company we keep
  • variety is the spice of life

We believe...

  • in endless summers
  • in taking the road less traveled
  • that sand need not be a trap, nor water a hazard
  • we're never closer than when we're on the ski lift
  • the only way to travel is effortlessly

Working for Timbers Company

Competitive Compensation

Living in the world's most beautiful places isn't free, let us help.


Small company culture, big corporate benefits. Comprehensive medical insurance, 401(k) with Company match, access to member-only online discounts, life and disability coverage.

Perks and Privileges

Generous PTO, staff discounts, financial incentives, employee recognition and team-building events.


Year after year, we have received recognition from esteemed publications such as Travel + Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler.


Timbers Company supports local giving within the communities that our properties call home.

Make Your Mark

Recognition, global career paths, and autonomy. We trust your vision.

Join Our Mission

Working for Timbers Company is an opportunity to join our unique mission to create special places and memorable experiences through passionate, attentive service. Here’s why our staff loves Timbers Company.

  • "To me, the Timbers’ spirit is one that I have been honored to be associated with. It is an attitude that knows no defeat or surrender, a work ethic that knows no time constraint and spans many time zones. It is the eagerness of everyone I have encountered within the organization to excel at the highest level."

  • "I feel a strong sense of family for all those I work with here, and I think that is because Timbers is a great company that does great things, and we all want to be a part of it for the same reasons our Owners love our resorts so much."

  • "Timbers exudes living for NOW. If we all knew that the world would come to an end tomorrow, what would we be doing today?.. The spirit of Timbers is carpe diem."

  • "It may sound cliché but you will truly make friends for life! Whether it’s with coworkers or Owners and their guests. Over the years I have met some truly amazing people that I know I will have lifetime friendships with."

  • "Timbers has incredibly high standards but never takes itself TOO seriously and is quite capable of smelling the flowers along the way, despite bumps in the road. Timbers people take life in stride. There is an incredible positivity at this company and it is reflected in all of the people that Timbers chooses."

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